Friday, 15 May 2020

Day 58

Day 58...

The morning started with a special delivery. Through doing the Disney Dream Girls podcast and being part of the Disney community I have made lots of new friends, most of whom I have never even met. One of these Disney loving friends, Angie, has been making (amongst lots of other creative endeavours) face masks...Disney ones of course and this morning mine arrived and they are fab! I figure if I have to wear a mask in future I'm going to try and make it as fun an experience as I can and bring a little Disney magic to it.

The twist in this tale is that the masks should have arrived yesterday...and in fact they did but not at my house. Late yesterday morning I took a call on pre-school's phone from a lady asking to speak to me and explaining she had a parcel for me. I was a tad confused because I'd not ordered anything for pre-school and she then went on to apologise for opening the parcel and said it was some masks. At that point I knew what the parcel was but couldn't figure out how this lady was phoning me on pre-school's phone number. The courier had my email and landline number but not my mobile number and definitely not pre-school's number. So we arranged for her to drop the parcel around this morning which she dutifully did and I thanked her by giving her some Hotel Chocolate mini slabs that I happened to have in. So I asked her...'how did you find me?'...turns out she googled me! Well that's a first!

Today was then split between a little work; mainly reading more government documents and to be honest I had to stop reading because my eyes were crossing! Next I made a couple of cakes; one is for a special occasion tomorrow (more details later) and the second was a low carb banana bread which is lovely. Then this afternoon I did some more podcast recording with the lovely Michelle for our Disney Dream Girls show and today we chatted with Seth Kubersky who works for The Unofficial Guides and was chatting to us about the re-opening of Universal Studios CityWalk area yesterday.
More podcast recording
Simon has been busy this week making helmets and has now cast three using the new mold and one from the existing mold. After cleaning them up he took over the kitchen to wash them!

And the finished four...
Oh and in amongst all that we still managed to get out for a couple of miles walk at lunchtime! Another surprisingly busy day, and tomorrow we have another lockdown birthday to celebrate!


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