Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Day 63

Day 63...

Well today has been another day filled with work. Keeping on top of emails as well as working my way through more government documents as well as starting on a risk assessment!

There is still that sense that I could be doing an awful lot of work for something that may never come to fruition. Just today the government have admitted that their 'track & trace' app will not be ready in surely it makes sense not to open up the country, let alone education, until the app and the whole program is up and running effectively - who knows?

So in between working I have enjoyed coffee out in the sunshine, popped over to the local farm to stock up on eggs and had our usual lunchtime walk completing another couple of miles.

And that really is it for today, nothing much to report. We have had a lovely warm and sunny day today and according to news reports that meant a large number of people heading for the beach...which under the current guidelines everyone is allowed to do. However looking at the photos posted online it seems highly likely that the 2 metre social distancing guidelines were not followed, and looking at the number of people out and about it wouldn't have been possible anyway! I just hope this doesn't mean we will get a spike in cases in a couple of weeks time!

Like I have said, repeatedly, surely a slow and steady approach is better...keep home for a few more weeks, let the government get the 'track & trace' system up and working properly before we start galavanting about. But hey, that's just my common sense, logical approach kicking in!

Take care, stay home

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