Thursday, 28 May 2020

Day 71

Day 71..

And today I battled with a new format blogger! Trying to place my little cartoon image of me at a keyboard to the usual right hand corner would not play so I've had to try a different approach - argh!

Well most of my day has been spent working. I've been writing a new 'pandemic' policy to set out what we as a pre-school must do when faced with a pandemic which means cross referencing this to our risk assessment. I managed to complete it today but think I will look at it again tomorrow with a fresh pair of eyes, and a clearer brain, to make sure that I have everything covered. 

I was also very kind as a boss and sent all my staff links to lots of government documents that they need to read before we re-open...said with very heavy they loved getting that email!

I had a break at lunchtime as we took our usual couple of miles walk out over the fields in glorious sunshine. Although sadly we were able to see a fire at a school only a few miles away...a local primary school was completely burnt out although thankfully there were no children in today and all the staff on site were unhurt.

Absolutely devastating to see.

The day was finished off with a little workout down our home gym! 

So today the government have apparently said that their five steps for easing the lockdown have been met and that we will begin to see things opening up. This means that schools will be on schedule to start opening to more children from June 1st. Although there are quite a few schools, and councils, saying this won't happen straight away and that quite a few will not be open to as many children as first thought as most schools do not simply have the space to keep children two metres apart.

Car showrooms will be open from Monday which meant that both Simon and I received phone calls today from the dealership where we got our cars from...just checking in with us to make sure they had the right contact details...and to let us know they will be open from Monday...are they looking for business by any chance?!

Oh and we can now meet up to 6 people from outside our household provided it is in a public space or someone's garden and that we keep to social distancing. So whilst it is great that there is this small piece of relaxing the lockdown it is still some way off from what most people want; that ability to hug people we haven't seen in a long time and to relax and be in each others 'space'. And all the while the cynic in me thinks this has all come about to distract us, and appease us, from the debacle created by one of their own getting caught blatantly flouting the rules that we, the public, were doing our damndest to stick to.

I, for one, will approach this relaxing of the lockdown as cautiously as I possibly can!

Take care,

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