Saturday, 12 June 2021

Sorting Out Saturday

Day 451...

And the weekend has arrived.

After breakfast Simon took Molly out for another drive to make the most of the insurance she had paid for as it ran out at lunchtime today. It was the first time Simon had taken her out in a few days and he really noticed how much she has come on and how confident and instinctive she is now driving.

Next on the agenda was to pay a visit to the house we rent out to fix the kitchen sink tap. We had replaced the washers a few weeks back but it still wasn't right so we had bought a new tap to replace. Unfortunately, the connections to the pipes were not the same so we couldn't do what we had thought would be an easy job. Instead we had to place a call with a plumber we know to come out and do the work for us.

On the way home we decided to stop by a local coffee shop for a couple of take-out coffees. This is the cafe that we would walk to most Saturdays prior to things opening back up and we wanted to stop by and say hello. Chatting to the owner they seem to be doing okay and are as busy as they can be with the current restrictions in place.

Back home we decided that this afternoons job was to tackle the garage. And by tackle the garage I mean have a good sort out and create some space ready for the new plastic storage cupboards that are due any day now. By the time we had finished early evening we had removed and demolished an old wardrobe that we had been using as storage as well as three quarters of a shelving unit. Suffice to say we now have the room for the new storage and a garage floor full of items that will need a new home once the storage arrives. A dusty and sweaty afternoon but one which was very productive.

And to finish the day I made low carb garlic bread and low carb naan bread to go with an Indian chicken stir-fry. Healthy options and very yummy...well there was none left so I presume it was liked by all!

Take care.

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