Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Day 441

Day 441...

Well after another night of rubbish sleep - thanks menopause! - we were a little late getting moving this morning but once up and about it turned into a busy and productive day.

First job of the day was to take Molly out for another drive. As she has insurance paid for a couple of weeks we are aiming to get her out and about at least once a day. We have found a route of around 15 miles which provides her with lots of different circumstances; left turns, right turns, parked cars, traffic lights, roundabouts, a railway crossing, busy roads and quieter roads and we even had roadworks today.

Back home I decided to do a little pre-school work to get ahead of myself so that when I'm back in work next week I can hit the ground running, so to speak. So I managed to write two newsletters, schedule emails and social media posts as well as completing all the necessary administration for two children who will be starting with us next week.

After a spot of lunch it was time to get the mountain of ironing sorted; I had hoped to get it done earlier in the day while it was a bit cooler but as it was it wasn't too bad and it is always a lovely feeling to see an empty basket. Not that it will stay empty for long!

Molly has spent a good part of her day taking photographs of some of her latest artwork that will be for sale on her Etsy store. She has created some lino prints and having printed them earlier in the week she was now photographing them ready for listing them. This did mean the dining table turned into a photography studio for a few hours but it did mean that I could borrow her light boxes later on for my own photography project!

The majority of my afternoon and early evening was spent using an app called Photomyne to scan our old photos and create a digital version of them. Simon had used the app last year to scan in around 3000 photos from his parents so we have decided to do the same with ours to cut down on the amount of storage space that photo albums take up. So I started at a random point and have managed to scan in around 60 photos from 1988! Once they'd been scanned it was a case of uploading them and then editing each photo with as much information as I could. Thankfully I used to write on the back of the photos any pertinent information; dates, places and even names of people...I just hope that continues as I wade through all the photos we have. I have from 1985 up to around the early 2000's I would think...wish me luck as I think this may take some time!

Take care and see you tomorrow.

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