Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Day 462

Day 462...

A full day in work today and we were still missing one member of staff due to illness, although thankfully they are on the mend and should be back tomorrow.

My working day started with a meeting via 'Teams' with a teacher for the deaf as we have a child attending with impaired hearing and who requires hearing aids. It was fascinating to chat with her for about an hour and learn how the impairment affects the child and more importantly what we can do as practitioners to help them.

Next I had some usual admin tasks to catch up on before spending the afternoon with my deputy manager. We had some information to go through following a course she had completed yesterday as well as reviewing the statutory guidance we follow ready for September when a few changes come into place.

Back at home and I took fifteen minutes to sit outside in the sunshine with a coffee before getting on with a few tasks. First job was to track down a couple of the plastic storage cupboards that we have had trouble sorting with Amazon and we decided to use another retailer where we could collect in person. But when ordering them online for pick-up I found I couldn't collect them until tomorrow but we had hoped to pick them up tonight as it was close to where Molly has her kickboxing class. Then I saw that I could actually have them delivered for a small charge tonight! And as I had some toys and play sand for pre-school to buy as well I decided to opt for the delivery option instead.

I then had a few work related bits and bobs I wanted to get done following on from the work myself and my deputy had done this afternoon. A case of tracking down some documents, finding some links, updating a policy and replying to a couple of emails. And then it was time to take Molly to her kickboxing class.

Not long after we returned home we had a text with a delivery time for our cupboards and other bits and about half an hour later the ordered arrived with perfect timing before we nipped back out to collect Molly.

So all in all another productive day.

See you tomorrow.

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