Saturday, 19 June 2021

Day 458

Day 458...

Well this may have to be a short post today as it is rather late in the day and as I type I am just waiting for Molly and her fella to return with an Indian takeaway. It's been a busy day!

The day started off steady, we got up, we had breakfast with Mickey waffles, we drank coffee and then we got moving. Our first job was to visit our local recycling centre as we had yet another car full of rubbish to get rid of. And a big shout out to the guys who run the centre as they are so helpful and polite despite some of the public being rather rude as we saw today. 

But once we were back home it was time to change into our scruffy work clothes and armed with a coffee we set upon the garage. First we had to clear enough stuff out of the loft area so that Simon could get up there and paint the remaining section of wall. Then it was time to clear out all of the garage as we had a floor to lay and a draft excluder to fit to the garage door.

Garage almost cleared ready for floor

The floor was made up of recycled rubber tiles that simply slotted together like an oversized jigsaw, the only difference being we needed a mallet to get the pieces to join together. First we had to lay a couple of rows to centre them and then we could work out how to cut pieces to fit down each side. Once we had it all figured out it was relatively easy and quick to lay. I concentrated on laying the main section of the floor while Simon did all the cutting of pieces to go around the edges and fit around any awkward shapes.

Working hard!
By the end of the day we had a new floor laid in place that looks really smart and should hopefully mean we can keep the garage as clean and as dust free as possible. This will mean not only will Simon have a much cleaner and more organised space for his prop making but it will also make our home gym a much nicer place to be.
And done!
But by the time we had moved everything back into the garage it was rather late and hence the reason for an Indian takeaway. But still more work to do tomorrow as we have two cupboards to build and lots of organising to do!

We will be rounding the day off with feet up in front of the TV to watch the latest Disney Pixar movie Luca.

Take care.

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