Friday, 4 June 2021

Day 443...a Friday

Day 443...

Well it was another night of rubbish sleep and any attempt of a lie in this morning was ruined by a neighbour mowing their lawn, with a noisy petrol lawn mower, at 7.45am!! Why?!!

But the day after that has been a quiet and steady one. I nipped out mid-morning to my local supermarket to just pick up a handful of things we were running low on. Back home I caught up on a few work emails and a little work admin just to stay ahead of the game for when I'm back in work next week.

As lunchtime came around Simon and I headed out to get our second covid vaccine jabs. We're hoping that we don't suffer any side affects as there is so much out there about some pretty horrific issues that some people have suffered. After our first jab I had a sore arm for a couple of days but Simon was knocked off his feet for 24 hours. So far we both have sore arms but only time will tell.

Back at home and I started scanning some more of our old photographs I have now completed 1988 and later this afternoon started on 1989.

Mid-afternoon I took Molly out for another drive and again she is doing really well and I even had her doing some reversing when we got home!

The remainder of my afternoon was spent working my way through photos from 1989...this was the year we got married and it was interesting to see what we had been up to either side of our wedding.

And before I knew it that was Friday...time for a glass of something and to start the weekend.

See you tomorrow.

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