Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Day 468

Day 468...

Well today was Tuesday and it was a fairly standard Tuesday.

My morning was spent in work and I had the usual amount of admin, emails, banking and data input to contend with. I also decided to start an application for a local council grant and almost straight away hit problems. 

The application form was available online as a 'word' document to download but it wasn't available to edit online and as I don't use 'Word' my laptop loaded the document up in 'Notepad' and half of it was missing. So I then uploaded it into my 'Google drive' and although there were a few discrepancies between the 'Word' version and the 'Google' one it looked good enough to complete but when I tried to add any information nothing happened. At this point I resigned to printing it out, hand writing it and scanning it in for emailing.

By then my morning in work had come to an end so I headed home just in time for a fresh coffee. I mentioned to Simon the trouble I'd been having with the application form so we tried another approach by loading the document into my 'One Drive' but alas we had the same results as before; a lovely form but completely unable to add anything to it.

I then decided to just start filling out a few boxes by hand...just the easy ones to get things moving and before I knew it I'd completed the whole form and I'd gathered together the other documents that I needed to send off with the application. I then scanned in the pages of the application form, popped them into a zip folder, emailed them all off to my local council and now await to see whether our application has been successful. The closing date is this Thursday but I'm guessing it will be a few weeks before we know whether or not we have been awarded anything or nothing.

Just as I finished all of that off Molly asked if she could go out for a drive. It was almost 4pm and we managed to find all the post school pick-up traffic along with the 'end of day' traffic. But Molly dealt with it all brilliantly; lots of queuing traffic; crawling along at 5 miles per hour; hill starts and numerous parked cars! But it is all good experience for her and will stand her in good stead when she passes and is out driving on her own.

Back home and there was just enough time for a coffee before getting changed for a home work-out in our 'new gym'...aka the re-vamped garage! Simon even managed to fix some more hooks into the walls during his workout for hanging some of the gym stuff!

Right time to sign off and see you tomorrow.

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