Friday, 11 June 2021

Friday Fun!

Day 450...

And we have reached the end of the working week.

My day was spent in work all day. I had a fair bit of admin to catch up on as well as more prep work for another new starter who starts with us next week. So it was a pretty productive and straight forward sort of day.

Once home and with a coffee inside me it was time to take Molly out for another drive. We stuck to our standard route with a slight deviation to the latter part. We had to contend with 'tea-time' traffic, buses, parked cars, a van stopping to pick up diversion road signs and a paramedic vehicle with sirens going! But Molls did brilliantly and I can tell how much more instinctive her driving is becoming.

Home again and it was time for another coffee and a little time to stop, check my own emails (okay I checked work emails as well!) and then start cooking dinner.

Molly's fella has arrived this evening and they have lots of plans for the weekend before they go to his house for the coming week.

And then social media this evening is rife with the news that our coming out of lockdown on 21st June is looking extremely, highly unlikely and that the date could now be 19th July - what? We have hospitality and other small business all on the brink of collapse. Small and medium sized businesses are just about to start re-paying the loans that they were given to see them through can they do that if they cannot open fully? We have deaths with a positive covid test at less than 10 a they know how many people die each day normally? Do they know that we have hundreds of deaths from cancer and heart conditions each and every day yet we don't stop living our lives because of that! 

We need to start living life as we have always done, we need to ditch the masks and the social distancing and get back to what we used to do...enjoying ourselves!!

Take care and see you tomorrow.

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