Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Day 447...Tuesday

Day 447...

Today I was back at work after a weeks holiday and my main job of the morning was that of technical support as one of my staff had some training to complete online,via 'Teams', for the first time.

I set everything up and powered on the laptop and all looked fine but when I tried to access my email or open up a web page the laptop did nothing, it just sat there...thinking about it. This was not what I wanted, or needed, and resulted in having to force it to shut down restart while grabbing an old, spare, laptop as back-up in case I couldn't get it working. Thankfully, after much grumbling from yours truly, I managed...somehow...to get it up and working and logged onto the course with plenty of time to spare - phew!

This has been one benefit from the past 15 months of lockdown is the transfer of in-person courses to courses delivered virtually. It means that the course can still be delivered; it can be delivered to more people than would normally attend an in-person event which means a wider audience can be reached at once; the attendee does not have to travel anywhere; the attendee can 'attend' the course in the comfort of their own surroundings and on this occasion have a decent cup of tea brought to them by my good self!

My morning was spent with my staff and the children outside in the sunshine while being on stand-by should any technical difficulties be encountered, which thankfully there weren't. 

My afternoon was then spent at home, and after a little pre-school work of checking emails and updating a couple of things, I was able to take Molly out for another drive. Her skills are definitely improving as she is reacting much more instinctively to the road around her and I am so proud of how she is getting on. Back home and it was time for coffee outside in the sunshine before a little prep work ahead of podcast recording later on.

It was lovely, as it always is, to jump online with my podcast co-host Michelle, to record a show for this coming weekend. We chatted some Disney history, we spoke about the new Avengers Campus at Disneyland and then we looked forward to the upcoming Disney + series 'Behind the Attraction' which looks fascinating and will hopefully appeal to my inner Disney geek.

And that rounded out this Tuesday, a pretty productive day all in all.

Take care, see you tomorrow.

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