Monday, 21 June 2021

Day 460

Day 460... 

And we have a Monday and rather than being at home as normal I found myself in work covering for a colleague who was off sick.

My morning was spent doing some admin tasks, a little banking, a few emails and a couple of phone calls. All pretty standard stuff and as things were all running pretty smoothly I was able to finish at lunchtime.

By the time I'd got home Simon had hoovered through the house, cleaned the bathroom, fetched the grocery shopping and split it between us, my dad and preschool, been to the post office, steam cleaned our tiled and wooden floors and taken Molly out for some driving experience! Wow, think I might have to work more Mondays (just kidding...maybe!).

Our afternoon together was then spent back in the garage trying to work out how to modify the new workbench that Simon had assembled yesterday with castors. After much thought and ingenuity on Simon's part we came up with a wooden frame to fit into the metal framework of the bench so that the castors could be mounted to the wood. Simon now has a fully functioning work bench that can move around the garage with ease.

While Simon worked getting that sorted I jumped online to record a Disney Dream Girls podcast episode for the coming weekend as well as a special bonus show for our Patreon supporters. It was lovely to chat with my very good friend Michelle to record the shows and we had a good giggle as always.

And while I recorded Simon took Molly to her kickboxing class and by the time he got home I'd finished recording. I could then help him finish up with the work bench and the tidy up after before we nipped back out to collect Molly.

And stop! Another day done.

Take care.


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