Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Day 454

Day 454...

Well it was the first working day of the week for me and it was just half a day.

A morning spent in work catching up on some admin bits and pieces, some banking as well as prepping all the invoices for July ready for emailing out later in the week.

The afternoon was spent at home although I did dip into a work email that needed a reply and a form completing. I also had chance to re-visit my photo scanning project that I'd started a couple of weeks ago. I had some photos that had been scanned but I'd not yet had chance to update the data for each of them. So I found half an hour to rename them all with either the correct date or an estimate so that hopefully they will all run in order.

I had a late afternoon beauticians appointment but I was back home for when Simon finished work. As the 'gym' is out of action because of the garage re-organisation that is under way, we decided to go for a walk instead. It has been another beautiful day and we managed just under two miles in 40 minutes. Although we really enjoyed the walk there was a downside...it triggered Simon's hay fever and he spent the next hour with red eyes, itchy skin and a streaming nose. Thank goodness for the power of antihistamines!

Well, that's where I'm going to leave it tonight.

Take care.

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