Thursday, 17 June 2021

Day 'out, out'

Day 456...

Today was another day of two halves.

My morning was spent in work and my focus was getting some prep work done for the children who are leaving us in a few weeks time at the end of the academic year.

Due to the covid restrictions being extended we have made the decision not to hold a 'leavers celebration' but will instead have a fun final week with lots of games and treats. But we will still be giving out our traditional leavers gifts; each child will receive a book and a special scroll. The scroll has a poem which is personalised for each child with a photo of when they started and another of them now. My job this morning was to track down all the 'starting' photos and begin the creation of the individual scrolls. I was pleasantly surprised that this turned out to be a much easier job than I had been expecting.

I was also able to draft a questionnaire for all our parents, which is something we do about once a year as a way to ensure that we are doing everything to the best of our abilities as well as canvas for any suggestions. I just have to email these out now so that our parents can complete online and avoid the need for lots of photocopying!

The afternoon was then spent at home and my main job of the afternoon was to organise my butchers delivery that had turned up this morning; 5kg of chicken, 5kg steak mince, 10 burgers, 6 sirloin steaks, 4.5kg bacon and 100 sausages! Lots of splitting into meal sized portions and then putting away in the freezer, which always takes me longer than I think it should.

Despite the grey clouds it has still been a warm day today and I thought I would sit outside with a coffee for ten minutes and enjoy the outdoors, and the quiet and 'be at one with nature'. Okay I may be being a little facetious but no sooner than I had sat down the local pigeons decided to let me know I was invading their territory. I'm not sure if they were squabbling with each other, or getting a little frisky, but my 'quiet coffee' was far from quiet and at times I thought they were trying to dive-bomb me. Eventually they seemed to calm down and it was nice to sit and enjoy the calm of the air. It had that eerie feeling this afternoon, that sense of a storm brewing when everything is overtly still and the air just seems to hang in anticipation of something to come.

And then it was time for me to get ready to go out...out! The team from work were all going out for a meal at a local restaurant, for no special reason other than we could. It was nice to be out and enjoying the surroundings of somewhere different and enjoying some lovely food. I managed to stay as low carb as I could by having an asparagus starter with fried egg and hollandaise sauce followed by steak with peppercorn sauce. The main course did come with some 'rustic fries' so while I left the majority I did have a couple of them but to be honest the steak was so nice and filling the fries were really not needed.

And then it was home and time for a cup of tea. Take care.

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