Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Day 455...Wednesday once more

Day 455...

Well, we have reached another Wednesday and another full day in work for me.

My morning was split between working the floor and carrying on with my usual admin tasks. We had a member of staff working with a speech and language therapist over zoom this morning so I was needed on the floor working directly with the children which is not what I usually get to do.

The afternoon was spent with my deputy manager as we went over the long term plan for the next academic year as well as discussing what we have left to do this year (5 weeks left). We also chatted about our leavers celebration that we would normally hold and how this year it would be different. We are constrained not only by the small numbers of leavers but also by the recently announced extension to the current covid restrictions.

Once home it was time to have a coffee and take five minutes to myself before jumping online to record an episode of the Disney Dream Girls podcast that will be released this coming weekend.

And while I was recording Simon decided to write a letter to our local MP about the current situation here in the UK. The fact that the promised emergence from lockdown on the 21st June has now been taken away from us and extended until the 19th July. And depending on who you believe this may or may not happen and it may well be that plans are afoot to instigate further lockdowns in the Autumn and Winter of this year.

It is so infuriating at the moment. I have friends in the US where it would appear that most states are now fully re-open and are doing so at a relatively quick pace. I follow all the Disney news and parks are lifting mask mandates, removing social distancing markers, getting rid of plexi-glass screening and are now scheduling nightly fireworks for the first time in over 15 months. Even in France they have announced that the mask mandate will be removed as from tomorrow and their curfew will be lifted on Sunday, 10 days earlier than planned....and yet here in the UK...

As I've said before this virus is not going anywhere we need to learn to live with it and take sensible precautions that we as individuals assess we need to do. Let us make our own risk assessment and let us get on with our lives and life them to the fullest extent possible.

Take care, see you tomorrow.

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