Monday, 7 June 2021

Day 446

Day 446...

Monday has rolled around again and while today is the start of the last term of the academic year it is still my non-working day of the week.

So the morning started with the usual grocery shop collection and once that had been put away I played taxi service for my dad. He had a follow-up appointment at the doctors and wanted to pop by the library afterwards. Two weeks ago at his first appointment he had been prescribed a ton of steroids to combat an extreme allergic reaction to, we think, his second covid vaccine. Thankfully, they have done the trick and the doctor was really pleased with the improvement and my dad said it is the best he has felt for months...makes me wonder whether he'd had a reaction to the first jab as well but just not as severe as to the second one...who knows?!

Although in these times where we are still being told to only visit your GP in person if absolutely necessary I do find it rather ironic that my dad had to wait over 45 minutes to be seen. He saw the GP arrive at the surgery five minutes after his appointment time and then had to wait for three other patients to be seen first, and that didn't include the mum and young child who left saying they couldn't wait any longer! So my dad had to spend 45 minutes in an overcrowded (by covid secure guidelines) waiting room because the GP wasn't even in the building for his first appointment...really?! 

After lunch we made a start on the mammoth task of tidying our garage. This space not only serves as somewhere to park the car but it is also Simon's workshop for prop building and a space for our home gym. It is long overdue a tidy and we only just scratched the surface today. In fact we spent a chunk of time measuring up the available space so that we can replace the open shelving with some enclosed cupboards. One of the side effects of Simon's prop building is that there is a lot of sanding involved which in turn means everything sitting on open shelves get's dusty and dirty very quickly. So with measurements taken we then jumped online and found the ideal solution; plastic garden storage cupboards which have now been ordered and should be with us in a couple of weeks.

We have also made some progress with our leaky shower problem in that we have had a bathroom fitter out today who has taken measurements and has gone away to come up with a solution for us.

Molly has had another 'proper' driving lesson today and has been learning how to parallel park and by all accounts we haven't taught her anything that we shouldn't have over the past week!

And that was Monday.

Take care.

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