Monday, 14 June 2021

Busy Monday

Day 453...

So our first job of the day was to collect the weekly grocery shopping and then when we got it all home to sort it out between what was ours, what was my dad's and the bits I'd bought on behalf of pre-school.

While we had a quick coffee Simon did a little online research as we are thinking about laying a floor in the garage to keep it as dust free and as easy to keep clean as possible. This will help Simon with his prop making as well as making it a nicer place to be for our home gym.

But with that done we jumped in the car and had a quick stop by my dad's house to drop off his shopping and make sure that he was doing okay. Then we headed off to a local bathroom showroom to talk all things bathroom! 

We have a very dodgy shower that is constantly leaking and despite thinking we had found the problem, numerous times, it is still leaking and we also have a basin with a rather large crack that needs replacing. But having spoken to the company a week ago we have decided that replacing just those bits will cause just as much work as having the whole bathroom refitted. So after much deliberation we have decided to do just that! Today we were able to go over all the different fittings that we want and schedule an installation date of early September. And I have to say I am rather excited by it all and I think it will look very swish and modern when it is all done.

Back home and with a quick stop for lunch we headed out to the garage to carry on with painting our garage walls. We have made good progress and despite having to pop out for more paint we have almost finished; we just have a small section to finish off. The only disappointing thing has been that we were due a delivery of the storage cupboards we'd ordered but nothing has arrived. The delivery should have happened on Friday but didn't and got pushed to today but as I type nothing has arrived!

And then we rounded out the day with the confirmation that our lockdown will not now end on the 21st June but has been extended four weeks until the 19th July - WTF! Why? I really don't understand. We are in the warmer weather and it is known that it is a seasonal virus and will naturally not be as prevalent at the moment. We have daily deaths and hospitalisations as low as they are ever likely to be, the NHS is not overrun and we need to get our freedoms and lives back. There are other countries, and lots of states in the US, that are back to 'normal' and have seen no great effect on their numbers. Places like Sweden have never had the strict measures that we have had and have had no worse an outcome, in fact their economy has not suffered as much so you could argue they have done better. 

We now have small and medium sized businesses on the brink of collapse, waiting lists for operations at an all time high, missed or delayed diagnosis of horrible conditions, rising abuse figures, mental health problems on the increase and I could go on. We need to accept that this is another disease that we have to learn to live with, that we have to take care of ourselves, take sensible precautions (as we should anyway) and get our lives back, get our freedoms back and be able to live again.

Take care, see you tomorrow.

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