Saturday, 5 June 2021

Day 444

Day 444...

Well, Saturday morning rolled around after a particularly bad nights sleep. I struggled to get to sleep because I couldn't get warm which I think was probably down to the second covid jab I had yesterday. And then to rub salt into the wound I started with hot sweats; which is pretty much the norm at the moment.

When morning came around I felt knackered and generally a bit 'off', and my back was playing me up as well! What a great start to the day! So first job of the morning was to take some paracetamol which seemed, eventually, to do the trick. I think my back was bothering me from standing in an awkward position over the last few days when I've been scanning in our old photos; I've managed to find the best lit position and figured out how to avoid reflections but I think in doing so I've held myself in one position which has resulted in a stiff and painful back today.

But we still had things to do today and first job was to take Molly to her guitar lesson which meant we were able to enjoy a coffee from the nearest drive thru'. We are avoiding, where we can, having to go into places that mean having to 'check-in'. Neither of us have, or want, the NHS track & trace app on our phones as we really don't want any of our personal data being compromised. Plus when I did install it last year I would get random notifications that when I went to check what they were they would my faith in its effectiveness is not all that great.

After a spot of lunch we embarked on the big job of the day which was to re-fit three doors. Last week we had the finishing touches to our wooden floor with the fitting of door trims which meant that the doors needed trimming so that they would close over the door trim properly.

The first door was taken down, bottom trimmed and re-hung perfectly first time. The second door needed three attempts to get the right amount trimmed off before it too could be re-hung. The third door was a little more tricky as we knew the floor ran at a slight angle and the door would need to be cut to match the angle. But we were pleasantly surprised that by our second attempt the door was re-hung and fitted great, but the only problem was that as we closed it we found we couldn't re-open it. Simon had to take the handle, and all the mechanism, off to be able to re-open the door and discover that the mechanism inside had simply snapped into three pieces.

So it was off to a local DIY store to purchase the parts we needed, and as we'd not had chance to take Molly out for a drive today we asked her to take us there. This involved a new route, driving along a dual carriageway, traffic lights, roundabouts, awkward right turns and a car park!  But she did brilliantly and was even able to practice a little more reversing once we arrived home.

And with the right part installed we now have three newly fitted doors, that are all in working order and actually fit better than they did before; a good afternoons work!

In between all of that I have been able to update the information held for the photos that I have scanned in so far. We are going through them and making sure we have an approximate date for each of them and any other details we may have. Thankfully I was pretty good at writing on the back of photos often saying where they were taken, when and who was in them.

Simon has also finished off a few pieces for helmet orders that he has had in; just some simple molding and sanding of a few smaller parts.

Phew, must be time for a glass of wine and feet up.

See you tomorrow.

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