Monday, 3 May 2021

Wet Bank Holiday Monday

Day 411...

So today turned out to be your stereotypical bank holiday Monday - wet!

But that didn't stop us at all and we had another very productive day. Once we had collected the weekly grocery shop we decided to take up a little more carpet...we are basically left with a square of carpet in each room that will be having new flooring this week, just enough for us to live with for the next couple of days. It did mean another trip to our local recycling centre to get rid of another car full of carpet!

Then after lunch we decided to give the living room a little touch up of paint. When we realised that the paint we had was the right colour but a different finish we decided that rather than just 'touch up' we would re-do the whole room. Now it's a pretty decent size room so it took us all afternoon but we were really pleased to get it all done and give the room a whole refresh ahead of the new wood floor being laid.

And that was really it for today - grocery shop, carpet, recycling centre and painting - while outside it decided to rain pretty much all of the day. Fair to say I think we made the best of the day!

Take care.


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