Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Day 434

Day 434...

I think this will be a short post today as it has been a full on work day.

The day was spent in work and was split into two halves. This morning my focus was on getting registers sorted for next term, updating the banking, responding to emails and taking photographs for our sponsored bounce happening this week.

The afternoon was spent with my deputy manager as we started working our way through the updated statutory guidance for the early years foundation stage curriculum that we have to follow. We managed to work our way through about a third of it but we have until September before it comes into force so we will be well prepared and ahead of the game well before then.

At home I decided to carry on with a little more pre-school work as I had a couple of emails that I wanted to get sent off as well as update our online learning journal. I had some time chatting with Molly about getting her some driving practice as she had had a driving lesson this morning and by all accounts is getting on pretty well. We just need to get some insurance sorted so that she can drive my car, under my instruction, as I think she will benefit from just having more time behind the wheel.

Michelle and I were planning on recording a Disney Dream Girls podcast this evening but 'life' got in the way so we have re-scheduled for Friday evening instead. This will give us more time to get some more research done ahead of recording. 

And then it was time to play taxi service for Molly as she had her second kickboxing class of the week, followed by a strength and conditioning class. 

See you tomorrow, take care.

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