Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Midweek Mayhem

Day 427...

OK so maybe not 'mayham' as such but there was definitely plenty going on today.

The morning started with the fitter arriving to install our new boiler. At the same time I was on the phone to my doctors surgery trying to get an appointment for my dad. It took me almost 25 minutes to get through to the surgery but thankfully they agreed that he needed to be seen and would send someone out this morning.

I could then make my way to work; I'd told my deputy that I would be late in but I still don't like arriving late especially when our mornings are quite busy getting the room all set for the day. But my morning, once in work, was pretty standard with the usual emails, banking and admin tasks. This afternoon myself and my deputy got together as we are taking time each week to go over the expectations of Ofsted should we be inspected, as well as looking at the curriculum and the statutory guidance. This week we completed the overview of the Ofsted inspection descriptors and next week we will be able to start going through the 53 pages of the statutory guidance! The guidance has been updated and will come into effect from September so we need to go through it all and make sure that we are meeting all the legal requirements.

By the time I arrived home the new boiler was in and working although the fitter did discover a leak connected with our bathroom radiator as he brought the new boiler online. This might be the cause of a leak we have been battling with for a long while now that we thought was connected to the shower so who knows we might be able to get the issue resolved now.

My dad called to say that the doctors have been back in touch following this morning's house call and he now has an appointment for Monday morning with an actual doctor at the surgery!! Which is great news but it really shouldn't be this hard to see a GP.

I managed to do a little online Disney research ahead of podcast recording later this week before I set to cleaning around and putting everything back where it belonged after the disruption of the day. And then it was time for dinner, blog writing and next it will be feet up in front of the telly!

Take care.

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