Thursday, 13 May 2021

Say Goodbye to Lockdown Hair

Day 421...

Today was the day that I got my hair back and said goodbye to my lockdown look!

But that was later in the day. The morning was spent in work and a big chunk of it was spent in a video call with a local speech and language therapist as she helped us with one of our children. I will admit to being a little sceptical with the video call approach but it actually worked really well, and the good thing was the call backed up everything we had been doing so far and pointed us where we need to go next.

I had a quick catch up with banking, admin and emails before heading home at lunchtime via a local supermarket. As Molly is having her 'girls' around on Saturday there were a few 'party nibbles' that needed picking up for the belated birthday celebrations.

Once home and shopping packed away I had time to get changed, grab a quick bite to eat, a couple of coffees and a few more emails responded to before heading off to the hairdressers to get rid of my lockdown locks! So I went from...

to this...
Yay the old me is back and I feel sooo much better for it!

And well after three hours at the hairdressers it was home to cook dinner, write this blog and drink wine!

Take care.

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