Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Working Wednesday

Day 413...

First day at work this week, and it was a full day.

But this morning started off bright and early, to not only get out for work at the right time, but to also get ready for the wood floors getting fitted today. I needed to ensure that we had everything we would need for the next couple of days out of our bedroom just in case the floor needed screed to be applied as this would mean we could not use the room for around 24 hours.

My day at work was a mix of the usual admin and banking tasks and fielding emails. I have a new system to get my head around called 'virtual school' ahead of a meeting in just over a week and so I was back and forth on emails and phone calls to sort it all out. This afternoon me and my deputy got together to work out our plan for the remainder of the academic year which involves staff appraisals, leavers celebrations, fundraising and reviewing Ofsted requirements. Suffice to say whilst we were very busy we still have a big chunk of work to get through.

Throughout the day I was getting updates from Simon on the progress of our new flooring. Our fitter had a job to finish off first thing and got to us around lunchtime. Thankfully we only needed screed to be laid on a couple of smallish areas which means that we can still access both our bedroom and living room. Simon's office area has been boarded out and metal edging strips laid ready for the actual wood floor going down tomorrow. We now have lots of boxes of flooring and rolls of underlay all ready for an early 8am start tomorrow!

The day was rounded out with the usual Wednesday taxi service to get Molly back and forth from her kickboxing class and that was our day.

Take care, wherever you are.


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