Monday, 24 May 2021

Waiting Around

Day 432...

Monday started with the usual grocery shop collection from our local Asda. While there I was also able to pick up some donations for pre-school, and there was so much stuff that we drove straight to pre-school to drop it all off.

After we had got home and put all the shopping away I had my dad to take to the doctors and Simon had a helmet to cast as he had received an order over the last few days.

So I picked up my dad and took him to his doctors. I parked up outside to wait for him as I was not allowed to go in with him because of the covid restrictions still in place. Unfortunately, I had left my phone at home and so I had absolutely nothing to occupy my time and unfortunately I had rather a long wait. But to be fair it would appear that my dad was seen on time, or thereabouts, but spent the majority of the time waiting for his prescription to be made up.

My dad has developed a rather bad case of eczema and has been given pills and potions galore and an appointment for a couple of weeks time to see how he is getting on. My dad did mention to his doctor that he wondered if it could be a reaction to his second covid vaccine...apparently the doctor neither denied or confirmed whether that could be the case...makes you wonder though!

But by the time I got my dad dropped off at his house and me back home two hours had gone by, of which an hour and a half was spent just sat waiting in my car. With nothing to do all I could do was watch the world around me. It was really quite sad to watch people queuing for the pharmacy; only one person is allowed in at a time which meant a lot of people (quite elderly people) were stood outside in the cold and the rain waiting their turn. What a state of affairs we find ourselves in!

With a quick lunch eaten we were back out the door to take Molly into Derby for her driving theory test. So we dropped her off and went in search of a coffee while we waited for the call to pick her up. About an hour after dropping her off we got the message 'Done' which I responded 'and?' and the response came back 'Passed!'. Woohoo! She did really well with 49 out of 50 for the questions and 60 out of 75 for the hazard perception section so she was very pleased with those scores. She messaged her driving instructor who told her to get online and get a practical test date booked.

So once home we powered up the laptop and attempted to get a practical test booked. The system feels a little backward as it asks for the date you would like before letting you choose the test centre, so suffice to say there was lots of time spent going backwards and forwards trying to find a date at the right place. Her instructor had told her that the next available test dates weren't until November but when we logged on the only date we could find free was tomorrow with nothing for the rest of the year! But as we went back and forth we could see dates randomly becoming available, which we could only assume was due to dates getting cancelled. A date in August popped up but no sooner than I had clicked on it it was gone. But scrolling through we saw a date in October so we jumped on it and thankfully this time we were able to secure the date and time...four months and counting.

This then resulted in a large chunk of time web searching looking for the best, and cheapest, car insurance out there for Molly, so that we can take her out in my car while she's learning to drive. We may have a solution but there is still some more researching to do!

Molly then had her kickboxing lesson followed by a strength and conditioning class which meant relying on Mum & Dad's taxi service...roll on her passing her driving test!! 

Take care.

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