Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Day 419 - Busy Tuesday

Day 419...

Well it's been another busy day.

My morning was spent in work and there was plenty to do. The usual banking, admin and emails to deal with. Invoices to chase. Uniform to organise. There was a long email sent to Jon at Asda to see if he could help us with a few bits. Now the email was prompted after I'd bumped into Jon yesterday but I think he may regret it when he sees the long list of things he could help us with!! I also had some prep work to complete for Father's Day at the request of my staff. Now it isn't until next month so I presumed we were being super organised but it then transpired that the we'd added Father's Day to this months planning by mistake - oops! Oh well no harm done we will just be ahead of ourselves next month.

I then dashed home at lunchtime so that I could be ready for an online leaders and managers meeting via 'Teams'.An hour and a half later and I think I had come away with just two pieces of information that were of any use. But while I was 'attending' the meeting I could at least click on all the links we were provided with to ensure that I'd already got them bookmarked, which I had! I was also able to deal with a couple of emails as they came in.

Once the meeting was over me and Molls popped to see my dad, to check-in with him and make sure he was doing okay and he also had a birthday card for Molls as it's her birthday tomorrow. When we arrived back home Molls set about assembling and decorating the cake that she had baked this morning, a three tier cake that she has made for her birthday - bless her!

While she sorted the cake I jumped back online to deal with a few more emails for work as well as add to a newsletter I am currently drafting. I wanted to add an extra piece and needed to link in to an existing document. But when I found the document I wanted I realised it was actually out of date, this then meant having to source the newer version and amend it to reflect our pre-school. A worthwhile exercise just not one I was expecting to do.

And then with a clear kitchen and Molls & Simon down our 'gym' I decided to attack the ironing pile; I've got a lot of things happening over the week and knew that today was the best, and probably only, day to get it done. 

So we have reached the end of the day; lots of work stuff done, meeting attended, dad visited, Molls has sorted her birthday cake, documents updated, ironing done and dinner cooked...now where's that glass of wine! Phew!

Take care whatever you are doing.

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