Thursday, 20 May 2021

Day 428...Thursday

Day 428...

I think today's blog post is going to be a short one...

So it has been a pretty standard Thursday with the morning in work and the afternoon at home. This morning was a mix of the usual admin tasks; responding to emails, setting up text notifications and getting the invoices prepped ready for sending out in the next day or so.

On my way home at lunchtime I called in at the pharmacy to pick up my dad's prescriptions and then dropped them in at his house. He now has a doctors appointment, an actual face-to-face doctors appointment, scheduled for Monday so hopefully we can start to get him sorted.

The afternoon was spent at home in the warmth and dry of the house as I am convinced that despite it saying May on the calendar it is more like March; torrential downpours and howling winds! Where is the Summer? I am so ready for sunshine and warmth. So I used the time to get a few online bits and pieces sorted as we are away at the weekend and so wanted to get on top of things. And while Simon went down 'the gym' I stayed inside in the warm and did the ironing instead - whoop!

And that was pretty much my day. Looking forward to finishing work early tomorrow and having a weekend away in an actual hotel, even though the weather looks least we'll have a different four walls to look at!

Take care.

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