Thursday, 27 May 2021

Day 435

Day 435...

Another day of two halves.

The morning was spent in work with more admin prep work for the new term in just over a week's time. We break for our 'half term' tomorrow and so we will start a 'new term' and hence there is the production of invoices as well as getting things in order for some new starters plus all the usual day to day stuff.

I was late finishing work as I had a new parent to meet at lunchtime who is wanting to send her children to us after the half term break. Then on my way home I stopped by a local supermarket to pick up a few items that we'd run low on.

Once home and after the shopping had been packed away and a coffee drunk, my first job of the afternoon was to unpack the butchers order which had been delivered today. This always takes me longer than I think but I do have to split the order into meal sized portions. Today's order was sausages, bacon, burgers, steak and liver!

With everything packed away into the freezer it was time for another coffee before I set about a little more pre-school work. It was pay day today so I needed to organise all the necessary bits and pieces as well as email all the staff their payslips. 

The afternoon seemed to fly by and before I knew it Simon had finished work for the day and was off down 'the gym' while I played taxi service for Molly as she had a hair appointment very late on this afternoon. This was her first haircut since sometime last fact it's probably about eight months since it was last cut! It's a good job she likes having long hair!!

And in between all of that I have also managed to get a little research done ahead of recording the Disney Dream Girls podcast which we are hoping to do tomorrow afternoon.

Phew! Feels like a non-stop day today so I think I need to stop typing, drink some more wine and stop!

Take care.

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