Sunday, 9 May 2021

Day 417

Day 417...

After a very busy day yesterday we took things a little slower this morning and enjoyed a lazy start to the day.

The main focus of today was to get Simon's workspace back up and operational ready for work on Tuesday. So although we had managed to get his desk and chair into his workspace he now needed to get everything else back up there and more importantly connected, plugged in and working.

The space he has is up in the rafters and so he has to contend with slopped ceilings and only a couple of double electrical sockets. He has an awful lot of kit that needs to be connected and it is a mammoth, and complicated, job. But he is using this opportunity to make sure he only has what he actually needs and streamlining where he can. This is the ethos that we are taking as we 'put back' our rooms, to take a moment to reflect and ask; Do we need it? Why are we holding on to it? Is it useful anymore? Does it serve a purpose? Do we even like it still?

While Simon battled with technology I spent an hour or so online with my podcast co-host Michelle as we recorded this weeks Disney Dream Girls show. Ordinarily we would have recorded a show by now but what with all the work happening here this week, and Michelle just having moved house, today was the first opportunity we had had. 

We did take a little time out late this afternoon for a short walk; a quick 1.9 miles in about 38 minutes. And we were back in time for our weekly Disney quiz via Zoom...I say weekly but it has been a couple of weeks since we last hooked up so it was nice to see what are now very familiar faces, and this week I won! This does mean that I now get the honour of setting the questions for the next quiz which will have to be in a few weeks time as next week it is Simon's birthday and the week after we are away for the weekend...staying in an actual hotel...for the first time since March last year, which is just ridiculous.

So as we start to see restrictions being eased I spot a cousin on Instagram post her wedding photos...a scaled down affair because of the restrictions still in place, with a comment that they will celebrate with family later in the sad! And then we have the promise from our government that we will be allowed to hug people from different households in a weeks time but that we have to do so 'carefully'...unbelievable we are now being told by our government how to hug each other...I am a grown woman I will hug who I want, when I want and how I want, I don't need politicians telling me how!

And with that I have a martini, a husband to hug and time to chill.

Take care.

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