Friday, 7 May 2021

Day 415...Finally Friday

Day 415...

So we have a Friday and day three of our floor installation.

My day was spent at work while I left Simon home to supervise the floor fitters. 

Work was another standard sort of day. We started the day be going through the activities planned for the coming week which meant that I could set up email, social media, website and learning journal posts for all our parents. It was then a day of emails, filing and banking and a little indoor football with the children at the end of the day!

On my way home I stopped by one of my best friends to wish her a happy birthday for yesterday. I'd not been able to see her yesterday for various reasons so made a point of stopping by today to drop off a present and card. The great thing was that I timed it just right to see two of my other close friends who were also dropping off was the first time that we had all been together in over sixteen months! We have now put a date in our diaries for a girls night out when the pubs should be open indoors...assuming our government sticks to its plan to let indoor dining happen from 17th May!

I arrived home to a very busy house; lots of sawing and banging noises from two very busy fitters. They worked so hard and by early evening the work was completed. We now have three rooms all fitted out with lovely wood flooring. And although we will have a lot of work to do this weekend to get the living room and Simon's work space operational again we have managed to get our bedroom back to how it should be. So tonight we get to sleep in our bed, rather than just the mattress on the floor!

Well, talking of bed that's where I'm heading, see you tomorrow.

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