Sunday, 30 May 2021

A Slow Sunday

Day 438...

This morning we had a very lazy and slow start to the day as we were rather late getting up.

But once up and about I jumped online to sort out my online grocery order as well as research some questions for our Disney Dream Girls podcast Disney zoom quiz. While I did that Simon took Molly out for another drive; they did the same route as yesterday but we figure the more miles Molly can drive the easier it will get for her and we want to do whatever we can to help her pass her test as quickly as possible

The rest of the day saw Simon continuing to sort more of his 'stuff'; re-organising it all and streamlining where he can. We still have a lot more 'stuff' to go through and need to come up with solutions as to how best store it all. Whilst everything is now organised and in boxes we now need to figure out where these boxes can live. We have a few ideas brewing that include using the garage and having a complete overhaul of the space there, as well as looking into replacing our garden shed with a 'garden room' which would work as an art/craft space for Simon. So lots to think about, lots to plan and in the meantime lots of boxes to live with!

Late afternoon we headed out for a walk across the fields where we live. This was the first time we'd been out for a walk in a few weeks simply because the weather, until this weekend, had been so wet and miserable. But today it was blue skies, sunshine and warm, enough for the shorts to be pulled out from the wardrobe!

And our walk took us past our local alpacas which have all had their winter coats removed and looked very cute. We even discovered that one of them is called Obi-Wan!!

We managed 3.4 miles in and hour and ten minutes and were home in time to make a coffee and settle down for our Disney quiz via Zoom!

It was great to see everyone as it has been a few weeks since we all hooked up online. As I was setting the questions the pressure was off for me. My questions had a bit of a musical theme as we had caught a YouTube film this morning all about a rock band called Halyx that performed in Tomorrowland at Disneyland in the Summer of 1981. A fascinating story and well worth a watch; I just love these sort of stories about Disney, the unusual and often short lived events!

And that was our Sunday.

Take care.

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