Friday, 14 May 2021

Finally Friday

Day 422...

And finally we have got to Friday. It has felt like a long week I think because we had a short working week the week before.

But it was a full day in work for me and I had plenty to keep me occupied. We decided to have a change around of the room and it seemed to work really well. At first my desk was out of the way and I was missing being part of the room so a little adjustment and I was back in the thick of it.

But I had the usual emails, banking and admin to do. Each Friday we go over the plans for the coming week and I then draft an email out to parents to let them know what's happening, I then make sure this gets posted to our website, our Facebook page and our online learning journal. I had some prep work to complete for a new starter in a few weeks time and then some data input for a 'virtual school' system that we use for a few of our children. It was the first time using this system for me and so it was a matter of learning how to navigate the system and make sure everything was updated as I have a meeting scheduled for next week.

At one point today I even got involved 'on the floor' and found myself hosting a story time with all the children...much to the staff's amusement...I thought I did pretty well as it's not something I get chance to do that often, if at all, anymore!

After getting home I did a little prep work ahead of recording this weeks Disney Dream Girls podcast with my co-host Michelle, and then it was time to do the recording. We managed to not only record this weeks show but also an extra piece for our Patreon supporters.

And that was my Friday and I am now ready to put my feet up and embrace the weekend.

Take care.

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