Monday, 10 May 2021

Day 418

Day 418...

Well we have had another productive day. 

Monday is our non-working day of the working week and it started with the usual collection of our grocery shop. While we were collecting the shopping we bumped into one of the store colleagues, Jon, who we know through pre-school.  It was lovely to catch-up with him and he offered his help to pre-school once again.

Once home, and with all the shopping packed away, we then had a parcel to drop off at the post office and a car full of rubbish to take to our local recycling centre. This was all the rubbish left over from the fitting of the floors last week...enough to fill the car!

And then the rest of the day was spent with a little more organising of Simon's workspace as well as going through our DVD and Blu-ray collection. There were a number of films that we had on both DVD and Blu-ray, we even had two copies of the same format of one film and quite a few that we just haven't watched in forever and have no intention of watching any time soon. So we were quite ruthless and went through everything throwing some straight out and keeping others to sell on Ebay.

We even discovered some old VHS tapes, there were a few Disney ones, quite a number of Prince videos as well as some tapes of stuff that we had recorded from the television decades ago! Suffice to say it was a combination of bin for some of them and Ebay pile for the others.

Although at one point we did get rather confused when we couldn't find the Disney Blu-rays we thought we had and then Molly remembered that they were still in the garage in a storage basket - oops!

But by the end of the day we had them all sorted, and put back into the cupboards from which they came. And just in time to play taxi service for Molly as she had her kickboxing class tonight.

Oh and yes our government have given us the go ahead to hug people as from next Monday but we must do it carefully...for goodness sake we had four deaths in the whole of the UK today from Covid I think the time for hugging people is now! We had more deaths in the UK from cancer, heart and stroke conditions and more deaths from suicide alone than Covid today...really don't get it anymore!

But take care and I'll see you tomorrow.

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