Sunday, 2 May 2021

Sunday Drama

Day 410...

Well I am writing this quite late again today as we have had another busy.

After a steady start to the day we set about moving a couple of pieces of furniture out of the living room. One was a six shelf bookcase...full of we had to empty it, then move it and then restack the shelves. We had to then do the same with a large cupboard that was full of DVD's. But both pieces are now in their temporary home and a little more space has been created.

We then had a trip to our local recycling centre to dispose of all the carpet that we had took up yesterday. We now have an empty car to fill with yet more carpet!

After a spot of late lunch we watched a brilliant video by Dr John Lee talking all about the pandemic, our reaction to it and explaining in plain english the errors that have been made and what should have happened. I urge you to seek out this short film and give it a watch.

We then took a walk out over the fields to get a breath of fresh air and have a break from furniture moving. We took a slightly different route to normal and managed 2.74 miles in 55 minutes.

But once back home we set to taking up more carpet in our bedroom and the living room. We have gone around the edge of the rooms to get rid of carpet, underlay and the horrid carpet grippers while leaving some carpet for us to live with over the next couple of days before the new wood floor goes down.

Before we knew it it was almost 8pm and we were covered in dust. So we decided take out was in order and we sent Molls and her fella off to pick up some kebabs while Simon and I got changed out of our dusty clothes!

And then the drama ensued...while eating my chicken and steak kebab I took my first bite and found myself choking! With a combination of me making myself cough and Simon giving me a good slap on the back as well as trying the heimlich manoeuvre I was able to get rid of the blockage. It's the first time I can remember choking like that and it was a scary experience. I didn't eat much after that and now have quite a raw throat that has left me with a gravelly voice!

So the rest of my evening will be spent with a vodka and tonic, dark chocolate and watching RuPauls Drag Race Down Under!

Take care.

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