Friday, 21 May 2021

Start of the Weekend

Day 429...

And we have a Friday and the start of the fact a weekend away!

But I did have to work this morning and had a few hours to catch up on the usual admin and banking. We also had a pyjama day today and the children paid £1 to come to preschool in their PJ's and bring in a teddy! We have also been getting ready for next weeks sponsored bounce; we have had lots of sponsor forms returned and we look set to raise a good amount of money for the preschool. We are a regsitered charity and have to fundraise throughout the year to help keep us afloat and buy those 'nice to have' items. This time we are hoping to get some new tech as our current set of tablets are a few years old and getting slower by the day!

But with the morning done I headed home to get changed and pack our bags ready for a little trip away. Simon finished his work a little later than planned but that was fine, we were still able to grab some lunch before setting off mid-afternoon.

We then made the 190 mile journey south to Bournemouth. It took us a little longer than expected as there was a few spots along the way with lots of slow traffic.

So we checked into the hotel and on entering the lobby area we had to wear our masks. Now the lobby area also contains a seating area for the bar which was full of people enjoying a drink and not wearing masks...but we had to wear them as did the staff...that just seems ridiculous and quite frankly pointless. But we did as asked and as soon as we were in the lift to our room the masks came off.

We then ventured out into the town centre to find something to eat. Now we know Bournemouth quite well as Molly's boyfriend lives close by and we have in the past played taxi for Molly and then used it as a good excuse to enjoy time away from home. So we knew where we wanted to go for a quick bite and where we knew we could get a low carb option...our choice was Five Guys. We were able to order burgers without the bun and with as many toppings as we liked; great burgers cooked to order and without the carbs!

But when we arrived at the restaurant we had to wear our masks to enter and order but as soon as we sat down we could take the masks off and sit relatively close to other diners! So again...what is the point? Plus there was a sign up saying that although they recommend their staff wore masks it wasn't mandatory and while most of the staff on duty were wearing a mask there were at least two members who weren't. So again,  how does this work if masks actually make a difference...oh that's right they don't!

We were also asked to check-in to Track & Trace but as neither of us has the app loaded on our phone we were given a handwritten list to leave our details instead. I was pleasantly surprised that a hand written list was being maintained as I really don't want to load the app if I can help it, as last time I used it I was getting random notifications even when I hadn't been anywhere!

So now it's time for red wine, chocolate and feet up!

Take care.


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