Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Day 230

Day 230... 

What has today been about? 

Well it's been kind of quiet, straight forward and a bit repetitive. Starting off with another Ebay sale to package up ready for taking to the post office later. I then made a start on sorting through all my jigsaws to decided which are going up for sale.

It looks like I will try and sell the vast majority of them and so I sorted out all the Christmas ones to start with...all 25 of them. And so began the repetition of clean the box, check the contents, photograph it and then edit the photos. Once I had done that for all 25 it was then placing them all online for sale which was another series of repetitive actions.

My day did get a few interruptions with a couple of deliveries and a quick trip to the post office to send my most recent sales on their way but that was about as exciting as it got!

And today we have the US election happening and we may, or may not, know the result sometime tomorrow. And over here we have lots of discussion surrounding the upcoming national lockdown, the impending vote in parliament tomorrow and whether or not the figures about cases and deaths are truly accurate or not. Only time will tell.

Stay safe, wash your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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