Friday, 6 November 2020

Whirlwind of a Day

Day 233...

And what a busy day it has been today.

Work started with a mini staff meeting as we had a number of issues to chat through and once we all had reached a consensus it was then my job to action it.

We had lots of chat about planning for the coming few weeks as well as into next year. There were the usual emails to field and banking to complete but the day rolled around pretty quickly.

Once home I still had a few work bits and pieces to deal with, telephone conversations to have, messages to deal with and I think I managed to grab a couple of half cups of coffee along the way.

The jigsaws that I have listed for sale are doing pretty well and currently just over half will sell, which is pretty good going all ready. 

We are in day 2 of the second official lockdown but nothing much for me seems to have changed. I am still going to work as all education is staying open. Both Simon and Ethan continue to work from home so no change there then. Molly is with her boyfriend and carrying on with all her Shutter Studios projects; check out her website and social media to see what she's been up to. 

When we went into lockdown back in March it was very evident that the whole country had stopped. Where I live in the middle of the UK we have a major motorway intersecting through us and every day I go to work I have to travel over this motorway. Back in March this stretch of road was eerily quiet and when we ventured out to fetch groceries I would comment on how much actual road we could see as historically it has been a very busy, often jam packed, section of road. 

Since lockdown was eased, or lifted, or whatever you want to call it, the road has gotten busier over time and while perhaps not as busy as it once used to be it has become, once more, a busy stretch of road. When I drove over the road today I looked expecting to see a much quieter road but no, everything was moving in the same way as it has been doing for the past few months. So we have a second lockdown but has anything really changed? 

And while I write this nothing has changed with the US elections as we are still waiting for a winner to be declared and the last few states votes to be counted. And all despite one candidate having way more of the popular vote than the other!

Roll on 2021 and fingers crossed for some normality.

And with that I will collect my glass of wine and head in the direction of the television as tonight is 'Baby Yoda' time 😉

Stay safe, wash your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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