Thursday, 12 November 2020

Thursday...still busy!

Day 239...

Well, today has been another busy day.

Although not in work today I had an online meeting to attend mid-morning so before that started I quickly sorted out a couple more parcels ready for going to the post office later on.

Thankfully the meeting was fairly short although didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know! It was a meeting set up the council that looks after education in our area and was supposed to be going over the implications of the second lockdown that we are now over a week into!

Once that was over I had another parcel to wrap and get a postage figure for. This was some rather delicate china so I was being rather particular about how I was packing it to then get the correct price for posting in relation to the weight and insurance just in case anything gets damaged in transit. Once all sorted I was able to contact the person buying the china to arrange payment.

Lunchtime rolled around and Simon and I headed off to the post office armed with boxes upon boxes! I had at that point sold 23 jigsaws plus a few other pieces; there were a lot of boxes!

After lunch I did some work as we need to organise an outside storage unit for pre-school and it's a case of looking into what sort of unit would work best for us, where it's going to live and how to get it installed. We are looking into getting some sort of shipping container and it is a more complex task than you would first think.

Later on this afternoon I hooked up online with my good friend and fellow Disney Dream Girl, Michelle to record this weeks podcast. We had a lovely time chatting all things Disney as well as just being able to catch up with one another as we both seem to be having a rather busy week.

Simon has been busy with work this past week as well, so much so that he had to work over the weekend as well as Monday, his non-working day of the week. But this afternoon his whole team got told to take the rest of the day and tomorrow off in recognition of all the hard work put in in order to meet a deadline - how great is that?!

And by the time I had recorded the podcast my inbox had filled up with more Ebay sales so Simon and I then spent about an hour wrapping up another 12 jigsaws all paid for as well as the delicate box of china. So we will be paying our local post office another visit tomorrow!!

And that has been today - really don't feel like I've stopped all week this week so thank goodness it's Friday tomorrow.

Take care,

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