Sunday, 22 November 2020

Busy Sunday

Day 249...

Well it's been another busy day today.

This morning saw Simon and I divide and conquer. I battled with the online grocery shopping (seriously the website was doing my head in) and Simon set to painting the en-suite bathroom to Molly's room.

I then jumped online to record a special Disney Dream Girls podcast for our Patreon supporters while Simon gathered together the next set of R2D2 parts for sanding. He was also taking apart some old electronic devices to re-utilise parts as what is termed 'greeblies'; these are interesting bits and pieces that can then be re-used when making props to give them a more authentic feel. Star Wars is known for lots of it's props being re-purposed household objects or parts of familiar objects. When Simon fabricated our various Star Wars cosplay outfits he used everything from bits of piping to the inside of soap dispensers to tops off ketchup bottles! Nothing git thrown away for months without Simon first assessing whether it could be utilised elsewhere.

We had a short coffee break followed by a little sanding by Simon and a little cleaning around by me before we made the most of a chilly, but sunny, afternoon and took a 5.6 mile walk in just under one hour and 45 minutes. It was a beautiful afternoon and we saw a glorious sunset as we made our way home.

Once home I continued with the clean and tidy through that I started earlier; my aim is to get everywhere clean and tidy ready for the coming weekend so that we can crack on and get all our Christmas decorations up without having to worry about cleaning around first.

Then it was time for our weekly Disney Dream Girls Sunday evening Disney quiz! It was the usual gang and it was lovely to see everyone, have a giggle, have a chat and try and test our Disney knowledge.

And that was Sunday. We have reports starting to emerge about what will happen after the 2nd December when this current lockdown ends and it would appear that we simply go back into a tier system similar to what we had before; but that maybe stricter than before; but one in which the pubs can stay open for an extra some of us could still be in a lockdown situation depending on where we live? Possibly...maybe? Which doesn't seem to make any sense whatsoever. And then we get a news report that the government are looking into  a system whereby we get 'papers' to prove we have had a negative test and then we would be 'allowed' to move around freely as normal...'papers'? Really? Is that what it's coming to that we have to have permission to go about our lives, that we will be controlled by government, that our civil liberties will be compromised? This all sounds very weird, very 'big brother' and a little bit like persecution.

We are entering strange times I fear, but all we can do is watch and wait and see what happens.

Take care out there.

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