Monday, 9 November 2020

Manic Monday

Day 236...

Today's Monday was kind of in reverse to my normal Mondays, and by the time I get to write this the whole day feels kind of messy and I'm not really sure why?!

Ordinarily the first job of the day would be to head off to my supermarket of choice to collect the weekly grocery shop but due to a possibility of having to work today I had moved the collection slot till later this afternoon.

As it was I didn't need to work today after all but Simon in fact did. He has been working extra hours in order to get more work completed on their current game so that they can get it into a state ready to demonstrate it. 

I was left to pick up some jobs that needed doing around the house before setting to with another lot of Ebay sales. We have a number of board games that we no longer play so we have decided to sell them on. This did mean checking and counting all the contents to ensure all the correct pieces were in each game and I am pleased to say every game was complete!

Then it was a case of take photos, edit photos, upload them to my laptop and then start to get them listed online. By the end of the day I had got them all listed and at the same time had sold another three items!

Towards the later part of the afternoon I nipped over the road to the local farm to buy some eggs before then fetching the weekly grocery shop. 

So my day had been spent dipping in and out of things which has gotten things done but it just feels very messy. I even had a little pre-school work to do at one point.

We had some potentially positive news today around a vaccine, although it hasn't passed through the final stages yet, and it would appear that Mr Biden has already started putting his virus task force together. So perhaps things are starting to take a turn? Who knows? I know that the more I read, the more view points I get exposed to and the more questions I seem to have. Yet I fear that we will not know the answer to these questions for quite a while, but I look forward to the documentary in a year or so's time when we all sit around and watch with bated breath waiting to find out something close to the truth!

Stay safe out there,

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