Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Busy Tuesday

Day 237...

Today has been a bit of a busy day!

In work today and had lots to do; we have a first aid course happening via Zoom tomorrow so this mornings task was to make sure all the devices we want to use could connect to our network and actually run Zoom. Thankfully everything worked fine...just need to hope my first aid knowledge works as well tomorrow.

A busy afternoon at work was followed by a busy evening at home. I got home to find a ton of Ebay sales had completed and been paid for. With thanks to Simon I now have a rather large pile of brown boxes to take to the post office tomorrow.

And that really has been about it today. We carry on as we have been doing and this second lockdown is having very little affect on us personally. We have been living a relatively quiet life since the first lockdown; limiting where we go and only doing what we need to do rather than what we would like to do. In conversations today I have remarked that the only things that seem to be affected by the second lockdown is the fun stuff; shopping, leisure, going to the hairdressers or getting a tattoo. So what are we hoping to achieve by all this? Or is this all an over reaction? Who knows...not me!

Take care out there.

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