Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Snowball Fights but no Snow!

Day 252...

Well I was going to wait until December to change my little image at the top of each post but seeing as Christmas has well and truly landed at pre-school I thought I'd start now!

So the day started by collecting one of my colleagues and a Christmas tree that she was donating to pre-school and therein started the theme for the day.

Once at pre-school the tree was assembled and then throughout the morning it was decorated by our children under the watchful eye of the staff. We also collated together all the items that we have collected for our Christmas Hamper ready for raffling off, staff finished making the 'reindeer food' and started the prep work for selling 'reindeer bells'.

My work saw me emailing parents to remind them off all the various things that are happening over the next few weeks along with issuing funding forms, text reminders, chasing up quotes for storage containers, banking and then don't get me started on messing about with our phone which decided to no longer connect to the mobile network. It took me all day to finally get the phone updated and working properly again...very annoying, very time consuming and very inconvenient!

This afternoon we discovered more decorations and Christmassy themed things including some fake this point I'm not sure who had the most fun playing snowball fights; the children or the staff. But by the end of the afternoon we had a lot of red, sweaty, but very smiley faces.

Once home I decided to carry on with a little more pre-school work as there is lots happening at the moment and I had 'Letters from Santa' to organise as well as order our new storage container! I am also chatting online with our local supermarket community champion who has a trolley full of stuff to donate to us that will help with our Christmas fundraising efforts.

And the Christmas theme to the day didn't stop there as most of the rest of the afternoon into evening has been spent doing some Christmas shopping, online of course. And while I still have more to do it was nice to make a start and feel like a little progress is being made.

Another very busy day so it's time for wine and feet up I think!

Take care.

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