Saturday, 7 November 2020

Oh Happy Day

Day 234

Welcome to the weekend and a very slow start in our household today. With nothing to be up and out for we opted for a late start and a late breakfast.

But once moving we had a few jobs to get completed. First was to take some photos of Simon and me for our passports as they need renewing. This meant lots of attempts at getting the right type of photo; looking forward, no glasses, no expression, plain background and no shadows - easy right?! Thank goodness for Molly's photographic equipment as we were able to use her light boxes to get the best and cleanest lighting possible. I just hope when the applications get processed that they meet all the requirements!

We then had a couple of repair jobs to do; one radiator to bleed to see if we can get it to warm up (thankfully it worked) and then a few lightbulbs to replace in our outdoor garden lights which now the nights are getting darker earlier was very much needed.

Today has been a beautiful day, crisp with sunshine at times, a little mist lingering about but ideal for taking a walk out this afternoon. We were out for just over an hour and completed 3.6 miles, and saw lots, and lots, of people out walking...much more than we have seen of late. There were lots of cars parked close to where we live when normally we wouldn't see any, this is definitely the effect of the second lockdown as this is what happened back during the first one. At least everyone we encountered was in a good mood and happy to acknowledge each other while giving a respectful amount of distance.

Once home and fueled with coffee it was time to sit down and watch a Disney movie. Along with fellow Disney nerds Michelle and Tracey we attempted to have a 'group watch' but after a little faffing about we decided to adopt the old fashioned approach of setting up our movie of choice on Disney Plus and pressing play at the same time. Our movie of choice? Coco - such a beautiful film not only in meaning but visually as well. And yes I cried...what is it about Disney/Pixar movies that can bring you to tears?!

And then about half way through the movie we heard the news that Joe Biden had been declared as the president of the USA; thank goodness for that! It was so great dipping into social media (once I'd watched the movie) to see lots of very happy people! And although I suspect the next couple of months are going to be rather interesting the end result will see us, hopefully, return back to a more normal and reasoned world steered by people who actually know what they are doing.

Thought I would share this picture today as after posting it on the Disney Dream Girls Family Facebook page one of our American friends pointed out that it was rather appropriate considering todays events. 

Simon ten years ago started to draw a Mickey Mouse every day for a year; his 365 Mickey project, and this is the drawing that started it all. Sat at my mum's house one Sunday afternoon 10 years ago, listening to the sound of fireworks as people around us celebrated Bonfire Night from three days earlier, Simon took up his pens and decided to draw Mickey Mouse and so embarked a project that would last for 365 days. Each day Simon would draw a Mickey based on a suggestion from me or, as the year moved on, we would pick a theme; it turned out to be a fantastic achievement and provides us, to this day, with some lovely memories.

Well, we have a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge so I better stop writing and raise a glass to a new found sense of hope in the world.

Stay safe, wash your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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