Sunday, 29 November 2020

More Christmas Decorations

Day 256...

Well it has been another busy day and so I think this will be another short post today.

Sunday started as most Sundays do now with me adding to my online grocery shop order ready for collection tomorrow morning. I then had a blog piece to write up for the Disney Dream Girls ready for the release of our newest show released later today.

Once those jobs were out of the way then my attention could be focused on the last of the Christmas decorating. So over the course of the day, with the help of Molly, we decorated two more trees, adjusted the timing on some of our outside lights, unpacked numerous ornaments and placed them around the house as well as laying snow blanket in various locations. We even turned some left over baubles into outdoor ones by threading them with some garden wire to hang them off some bushes and plants.

But the 'piece de resistance' has to be my latest Disney ornament created by Simon and Molly that now hangs over my patio door...

Three baubles, some super glue and a bit of garden wire!

Welcome to the Disney house! fabulous is this?!

As the day progressed and all the boxes became empty the only job left to do was to put all the empty boxes up in the loft and out of the way until the new year.

The day was then rounded out with our usual Sunday evening Disney Dream Girls Disney quiz. Thanks to Molly's superior knowledge about the film Tangled we were the winners of this weeks quiz which means we have the job of setting questions for next weeks quiz.

And that's where I will leave it for today...hopefully I can find the time to write a post specifically to share some of my Christmas there is rather a lot!

Take care out there.

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