Saturday, 14 November 2020

More DIY

Day 241...

Well we had the good intention of getting up bright and early and getting on with the day but it didn't quite happen.

So after a slow and steady start to the day we finally made the effort to get moving and set to with painting the bathroom...I say 'we' but I actually mean Simon.

Simon was already to get painting when he discovered that what he thought were full cans of paint in the garage were not quite as full as he needed them to be, so off he went in search of paint. 

So here we are in week two of lockdown two and Simon arrives at our local retail park to purchase the aforementioned paint. Apparently the car park was 70-80% full (so pretty much like a normal Saturday), he said the supermarket was 'heaving', there were queues of cars to both the MacDonald's drive thru' and the Costa drive thru' (Simon counted 33 cars queuing for Costa) and when he went to pay for the paint he joined a queue of 12. We have been in the same store when lockdown restrictions were eased and never had to queue with that many before.

Is this due to non-essential retail not being open that the public are simply getting their shopping fix elsewhere? Or does this just demonstrate that this lockdown is nothing like the first one and that people are pretty much getting on with whatever they can. It certainly appears to be different this time around and whether this is having any affect who only knows.

The afternoon was taken up with Simon painting the bathroom and I had embarked on a quick tidy up of the kitchen dining area...well you know how you start something and it turns out to be a much bigger job than you'd anticipated! Furniture was moved, things were re-organised, some things thrown away and everywhere thoroughly cleaned; the trick will be to keep it that way!

We rounded the day out with a well deserved Indian meal from a local restaurant, at least we can do a little bit to help the smaller, local businesses who are really feeling it at the moment.

Hope you're having a productive weekend, take care and stay safe.

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