Friday, 20 November 2020

Yay Friday!

Day 247...

And we have reached Friday...ready for the weekend? A...shall we just carry on then as we have been doing.

My day was a full on work day; replying to emails, chatting with members of my management team and committee, organising our approach to our Christmas fundraising activities and ending with a good sort through and a bit of a clear-out.

We took a walk out at lunchtime, despite the rain, and managed our usual couple of miles although we did stick to the pavement rather than risk a squelchy walk over the fields.

Molly has been extremely organised and got all (or almost all) of her Christmas shopping completed which meant that the only other thing I seem to have done today is to answer the door to take in yet another delivery.

Although I will confess that in among all her boxes there was one for me...

New additions to be Christmas lights!
...well I can't resist having a few more lights up outside and to be fair as we won't be able to go anywhere this year I might as well make home look amazing. I have my eye on a tree that would go really well just outside my living room window...but can't decide whether to go for it or not!!

This did mean that I have now given in and my current music has changed to something more seasonal, with a big thanks to Molly who has a Christmas playlist on her Spotify account.
Simon treated himself to a trip to the gym tonight but I have to admit to having lost my gym 'mojo' at the moment. I really need to get back to it...just need to get motivated.

And there we have Friday and the end of a week. Just one more week completed in this strange world we find ourselves in.

Take care,

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