Monday, 2 November 2020

Day 229

Day 229...

It has been another blustery day today and a day of getting lots of little jobs done.

Once we had collected the weekly grocery shop this morning we braved the elements to do a little outside tidying up. Throwing away the pumpkin carvings before they turned to mush and trying to sweep up as many of the leaves as we could.

Simon has then spent the rest of the day working as even though today is ordinarily a non-work day there is a deadline looming on Wednesday and so the whole team has been working extra hours where they could over the weekend and today.

I had a couple more ebay sales to parcel up ready for shipping out tomorrow. I've also got a few items that are to be collected so I made sure that they were all ready to go; re-boxing some of them and adding some bubble wrap!

Simon made a trip into the loft for me (I really don't like the loft!!) and brought down as many of my jigsaws as he could find...37 jigsaws and 8 board games later, and that doesn't include the 8 jigsaws that were piled up in the living room, and Simon thinks there may be more hidden away in the loft. Think I may have a jigsaw problem - oops! But I've decided that as I very rarely go back and re-do them I am going to try and sell them, which will mean I can then buy myself new ones. I have kept two Disney Christmas themed ones because they are Disney and Christmas and that's a perfect combination, as well as a Christmas set of three as I haven't actually done any of the three. 

Simon has completed a small prop building job by lining the inside of a small ammo box that will be used as storage for items connected to the MSE droid he completed the other week. He also had a repair to make on an outdoor garden ornament that had got knocked over this morning and had broke into two pieces. Thankfully with Simon's prop making talents there is very little that he cannot fix!

And that has been today. Another day done and another day closer to our second 'lockdown'. Stay safe out there, wash your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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