Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Flu Jab Day

Day 244...

So another day at home, rather than in work because pre-school is closed until next week.

I took the time this morning to package up a few Ebay sales and you'll be pleased to know that my pile of items for sale is gradually getting smaller. My incentive is that I will need space in my hall in just over a weeks time as that is when my Christmas decorations will be going up and I will need the space currently being occupied!

The last weekend in November is always marked on the calendar as 'Christmas Decorations' weekend; historically we would use this weekend to put up the outdoor lights and then the following weekend would have been our indoor ones but last year we just tackled everything in one weekend and so we have a new way forward. Having three trees indoors and plenty of outdoor lights we really do need a full weekend to get everything just right.

The rest of the morning was spent catching up with pre-school admin work which was interrupted at lunchtime with a trip to the post office with the parcels I'd packaged up this morning.

Before I knew it it was time to nip to my doctors surgery to get my flu jab. A straight forward process and very well managed by the surgery; arriving just before my appointment I was back in my car five minutes later. So all sorted and just left with a slightly sore arm. Although I had to raise a smile when I was asked if I was allergic to egg (I was already aware that this could be an issue for anyone with an allergy) as I must eat at a minimum 2 eggs every day.

I decided to pop by my dad's on the way home to make sure he was doing okay and to invite him to our house for dinner tomorrow evening as it's his birthday. My dad lives on his own and is part of our 'bubble' thankfully.

Once home I was able to carry on with more pre-school administration work as I'd missed a few hours of work today so wanted to make up for them.

And that had been my day today. A fairly busy sort of day, one where I could just get things done and not dwell too much on what is going on in the world around us. The further we get into this 'situation', or whatever it is that we are calling it, the more disillusioned I find myself becoming with everything that is happening around us...but there is very little that I can do about any of it so I will carry on and do what I can and hope that those that know more can get it sorted one way or another.

Take care out there.

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