Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Whirlwind Wednesday

Day 238...

Well today has been another whirlwind of a day!

At work we had what we call here in the UK, an Inset Day, or otherwise known as a teacher training day. And today we, as a team, undertook some training, some first aid training.

As early years practitioners we must hold an accredited paediatric first aid qualification, which has to be renewed every 3 years. This normally involves a face-to-face course held over 2 days but due to COVID it had been split into two halves. The first was an online segment done at a time convenient to each person and then today we had the second half held via Zoom.

So our team were all in work together and I had the job of being tech support and setting up each of the laptops to join in via Zoom. It worked pretty well, we had one laptop lose it's audio ability and we suffered with a bit of feedback whenever we tried to communicate but otherwise we got through the day relatively okay.

We still have one part of the course yet to complete as we were missing one piece of important kit. As part of the course teaches us how and when to use CPR we all need to be able to demonstrate what we would do and that involves using a resuscitation doll. Unfortunately our dolls hadn't arrived so once they do we will all need to video each other giving CPR to the dolls to then send off and complete the course.

But today we had a few giggles putting each other into the recovery position, giving CPR to a cushion, using my plush Mickey Mouse as a substitute baby for CPR and choking purposes as well as putting a dressing on myself!

Once home I had a couple of letters to organise and then it was off to the post office to post them along with a few of my Ebay sales. I still have more to get to the post office but simply didn't have enough hands to manage them all by myself so I will hopefully get the rest taken tomorrow.

Home again it was time to catch-up on work emails, my own personal emails, a few more Ebay sales and helping Molly with some artwork she has produced and needed printing out (as she's not at home at the moment she doesn't have access to a printer so I have taken on the role of her PA!). Before I knew it, it was time to cook dinner and attempt to stop for the day!

We seem to be a very busy house this week! I suppose the good thing about that is it distracts from the whole lockdown thing happening. Although when I do stop and pause I am reminded that I have a friend who is self-isolating because of a positive case in her bubble at work, another friend unable to work because of looking after a child who is self-isolating because of a positive case in their school bubble, a friend who has a relative in hospital because they tested positive and so on. It can really feel never ending at times and I do wonder what the full and long term implications of all this will be.

Whatever you are up to please stay safe,

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