Friday, 13 November 2020

It was bound to happen...

Day 240...

Yay it's Friday...well that was the start to the day but it didn't take long for things to take a sideways turn.

Not long after arriving at pre-school we received a call to let us know that we had a positive case...and then the day got kind of busy!

So after contacting the relevant authorities we were basically told that anyone with close contact with the positive case would need to self-isolate for 14 days; the upshot of this meant we had to close pre-school.

We had parents waiting outside to drop their children off for the day and my deputy had the unenviable task of telling them we had to close while I remained on the phone with the powers that be to ascertain the why's and the wherefore's.

Once we had a handle on the situation everyone headed off home. Due to the fact that we are a small pre-school it does mean that a good proportion of our children and staff are now needing to self-isolate which means that we have no option but to close pre-school. We hope to be re-open in just over a weeks time.

It did mean that once I landed home I was straight on the laptop to fire off a load of emails to all our parents, the relevant authorities and anyone else I could think off. Just daft things like remembering to cancel our milk delivery!

As it was, Simon was off work today and when I got home he was busy doing some DIY in our bathroom; re-grouting tiles followed by a bit of plastering. By late lunchtime he had finished all that he could do which coincided with me having done everything I needed to do so a walk out was very much needed and deserved; just a short one today but lovely none the less.

The afternoon saw us take another batch of parcels to the post office; I think we must have had almost 20 to take today. Getting home it was time for a coffee, getting up to date on emails and re-listing some of my online sales. Simon was able to sand down the plastering he had done which means that we are all ready for a spot of painting tomorrow.

And that means that as it's Friday it must be time for a glass of wine and to sit and watch the 'Baby Yoda' show as we like to call it!

So with all the crazy going on please take care and look after yourselves.

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