Sunday, 30 January 2022

Day 684

Day 684...

Sunday has rolled around once more and as seems to be the theme of this weekend it was another quiet day.

Because we had our grocery shopping to collect this morning it did mean that we were up and about with a little more purpose than we were yesterday.

Once we were home we gave Ethan a hand to sort returning a parcel. He'd bought a TV only a few months ago but the screen had started to fail; a line of pixels could be seen vertically and another horizontally. As he'd bought it through Amazon he'd been online yesterday to see what could be done and after running through some potential remedies (that didn't work) they said they would refund the cost once the TV had been returned.

So although we hadn't retained the box it had arrived in we did have more than enough packing materials which meant that between us we were able to pack it up pretty well. Simon and Ethan were then able to take it to a local drop-off point to get it on it's way back to Amazon. Ethan is now free to buy himself a new TV, and I think he could actually buy the same model again for less than he paid for it originally!

The afternoon was then rather quiet. Simon set about uploading the latest home video that he'd captured so that we could watch it through for any glitches. And while that played Simon continued with a little more art and I finally managed to complete my latest jigsaw - phew!

This was the final jigsaw from a box of three... that I have completed them all I will be passing them onto the mum of one of my work colleagues so that someone else can have enjoyment out of them.

I do have a few more jigsaws waiting to be completed, so I just need to decide which one to do first!

And as the afternoon drew in everywhere turned pink as the sun began to set...
...the sky looked amazing and everywhere was bathed in a pinkish glow.

And for the first time in a few weeks it was Disney quiz time with my fellow Disney nerds courtesy of the Disney Dream Girls podcast. I was responsible for setting the questions and will admit that they weren't the easiest of questions, but it is so hard finding questions that will challenge people who I know will be pretty hot on most things Disney. But we had a few giggles and it was just nice to see familiar faces and have a catch-up.

Well that was Sunday, so I will see you tomorrow.

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